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A Christmas-only gift set.

Yoshie Watanabe's illustrated picture book "Journey" for adults, fruit tea with a gorgeous scent, and a Christmas card like jewelry with a series of jewels. As a gift, or as a gift for yourself.

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The picture book "Journey" is a collaboration between the poet Hiroshi Osada, the jewelry writer Etsuko Sonobe, and Yoshie Watanabe. Poetry that makes you feel the passage of time quietly, jewelry that shines beautifully, and delicate illustrations that invite you to a deep story are picture books for adults who want to have one.


A fruit tea made by a pharmacist, Tea Leaf Blender, using phytotherapy.The sweet scent of dried fruits and the acidity of herbs and flowers are characteristic.It is non-caffeine and has a gorgeous scent and is recommended for relaxing time.The best-by date for fruit tea is May 2022.


A Christmas card with a ring of shining paper jewels. It is made by printing a delicate jewel illustration on paper. When unfolded, it looks like a series of colorful jewels. You can write a message on the back and put it in an envelope as a gift, or you can hang it on a Christmas tree or hang it around your neck like an accessory at a party.