Petal Stem Glass M

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This glass, which is made by blowing in the air one by one, becomes more transparent and shaded when the light shines on it, giving it a beautiful look.In particular, the streak pattern of the molding on the surface reflects light and color, making it look like petals and coloring the table.It is the one and only handmade glass made by Machiko Echinaka of "Sarue Glass " who is in charge of manufacturing the glass used in three-star restaurants and luxury hotels all over the world.The air blow that is shaped without using a mold is a glass that feels warm from its roundness and fits in the hands of the user. Bottle Also as a submerged bottle by setting with.


material Glass
size φ5 x height 11.5 cm
Notice Please refrain from using rapid heating and cooling.
Microwave / dishwasher cannot be used.