18.5 cm ash with chopsticks and case

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A set of D-BROS original design chopsticks and a case that can also be used as a chopstick rest. This size is recommended for carrying children and lunch boxes.Using Moso bamboo , which contains hinokitiol, which has an antibacterial effect, the chopsticks are light and easy to use. The case has a separate body and lid, so it can be removed and washed in every corner. It is designed to fit with a certain gap left so that the tip of the chopsticks does not touch the inside of the case when it is stored in the case.Make sure that the dark side of the chopsticks is on top.It comes in a box and is also recommended as a gift.


material Moso bamboo
size Chopsticks: 18.5 cm
Case: 8.2 cm x 2.2 cm x 1.2 cm
Origin Oita Prefecture