Gift box for Flower Vase Mini poppy (box only)

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A flower-based exclusive gift box that is also popular as a gift. This box fits perfectly in a mini size . The lid is designed with a graphic image of the scenery of spring, summer, autumn, and winter plants in bloom, with the theme of the four seasons of Japan.Partially used gold leaf to create a luxurious box. As an interior, it is also recommended to decorate the wall of the room.


This is a single box. The flower base is not inside.

Flower base in one box 3 set( 6 You can put up to (sheets).

You can also purchase the box separately.

* If you wish to deliver the flower base purchased together with it set in this box, please specify the desired product as a gift in the cart.


 material paper
size H146mm×W170mm×T23mm