2022 World travel calendar


2022 World travel calendar



岩永 和也

アートディレクター / グラフィックデザイナー



2022 World travel calendar

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It is a calendar that cuts out the scenery of various countries every month, just like traveling around the world. Illustrations and patterns that are unique to that country are drawn, and the atmosphere changes dramatically every month.It is difficult to travel around the world, but you can freely visit the countries of the world in this calendar. In Switzerland in January, Luxembourg in February, the Netherlands in March, Italy in July in midsummer, and Morocco in October in autumn, you can decorate your room and just look at it, just like when you are traveling abroad. It is a calendar that is wrapped in the unique atmosphere of the country.


・ When turning the calendar, slowly peel it off one by one.If you turn it vigorously, multiple sheets may come off.

・ Please refrain from using in places with high humidity or direct exposure to air conditioning. 

-Please use it by fastening it with two thumbtacks.


  material Paper (12 sheets spelled)
body size 371 × 303mm / Starts Monday