2022 CREATOR'S DIARY Mini Pink

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A bellows schedule book that provides a bird's-eye view of the standard item of D-BROS and the year. Long-span project management that can only be done by the bellows type, which has one sheet for one year. The aim is to secure important time by scoring goals and calculating backwards to create a schedule.

Creators Diary is a schedule book that makes it easy to get a bird's-eye view of the year when the draft designer actually used it.It is used in combination with a horizontal axis that allows you to design the progress of multiple projects at the same time and a vertical axis that allows you to plan daily schedules.The characteristic bellows folds are all made by craftsmen, and are a notebook created by the fusion of Japanese printing technology and design.


-Comes with a rubber band (cover side) that allows you to open the page you are using immediately.

・ With a pocket to hold business cards, etc.

material Cover Vinyl cloth Medium quality paper
body size Regular size W130mm × H224mm
Mini size W108 × H150mm