2022 24 solar terms calendar


2022 24 solar terms calendar







2022 24 solar terms calendar

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Twenty-four solar terms that divide the Japanese season into 24 solar terms.It is a calendar that contains useful information that is directly related to modern life, such as seasonal foods, flowers, and seasonal events that change with each solar term.It reminds us that there are many natural graces in our casual lives. The 2022 edition has a large size, A2 spread, and has a lot of information on paper with a texture like tabloid paper.


・ Please refrain from using in places with high humidity or direct exposure to air conditioning. 

-Due to the characteristics of the paper, the color of the paper may become yellowish when exposed to direct sunlight or fluorescent light.Please enjoy it as a texture.


  material Paper (middle surface 7P)
body size Spread A2 Vertical 420 × 594mm / Starts on Sunday