Fairy tale glass Shirayukihime

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It is a glass inspired by the lens effect of glass and water, which makes the design on the other side of the glass look bigger when water is added.

Designs with fairy tale motifs and delicate illustrations by Yoshie Watanabe create a mysterious world.The witch is getting bigger and Snow White is about to be magical. It is a standard and popular item of D-BROS. Not only for yourself, but also for gifts.


material Glass
body size φ88mm× H120mm(   Capacity: 510cc)
Outer box size W90mm×D90mm×H145mm
Notice Microwave / dishwasher cannot be used.

* The mouth of this glass is treated only by the power of the flame called "fire cut".The glass heated at high temperature softens like a candy, and the final cut-off part becomes uneven. There is no problem with the quality in use.