Mirror cup & saucer "POP" D

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The mirror finish of each cup is handmade by a craftsman. That is why it is a beautiful graphic reflection.It is a set of cup and saucer in which the graphic of the saucer is reflected on the mirror cup that has been mirror-processed. The mirror mechanism inspired by anamorphosis (distortion picture) shows different facial expressions depending on the positional relationship between the cup and saucer and the viewing angle. The porcelain of both the cup and saucer is thinly finished with Hasami ware, and one of the features is the beauty of white porcelain. Mirroring cups is extremely difficult, so each one is made by hand by a craftsman.

material Porcelain (Hasami ware), palladium decoration processing
size Cup: Φ86mm × H65mm
Saucer: Φ198mm × 12mm
Package size W215mm×D215×H95mm
Notice * Dishwasher and microwave cannot be used.