Handkerchief strange Kashiwa

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A handkerchief made of cotton linen that feels good to the touch. A vivid color scheme was added to the family crest design as an accent, and it was redesigned in a contemporary style to express the beauty of the family crest by embroidery.

(Excerpt from the designer's comment)
About in Japan 2 I learned that there are 10,000 family crests. At the same time, I also learned that there are many family crests that are likely to be lost, such as those that are poorly preserved and those that do not have a successor.
Therefore, in order to preserve the family crest, which is a culture unique to Japan, to posterity, and to convey the beauty of the family crest to many people, we launched this project as a design company.
Many of the family crests depicted in the catalog were originally tattered, but they were restored by rewriting them by hand.


material Cotton linen
size 450×450mm
Origin Gunma Prefecture