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D-BROSIt is a German fruit tea that you can enjoy the scent, which was born in collaboration with "Marumatsu Teahouse" which has a long history in Shizuoka and Kikugawa.

A dried fruit tea with a refreshing aroma of orange peel and lemon peel, and a slight acidity of hibiscus and rose hips. As it is non-caffeine, it is also recommended for relaxing time.

Tea cup1cup (approx.160cc) Against a teaspoon1A cup is a guide.Pour a few cups of tea leaves into a pot, pour boiling water, and cover.3Steam for about a minute. Stir well in the pot before pouring into the cup to extract all the umami ingredients of the fruit.

You can make it a little thicker, add ice to it, and enjoy it with iced tea or with water. Also, if you want to add sweetness, it is recommended to add honey or syrup.

The last remaining tea leaves can be enjoyed deliciously on yogurt or ice cream.

Ingredients: apple, hibiscus, rosehip, orange (skin), lemon (skin), safflower (petals), fragrance (naturally derived) 


internal volume 70g / can
processing place Germany
expiry date May 2023
Can size φ65mm×H102mm