2022 Calendar / Diary Reservation Benefits

D-BROS original notepad will be presented to the first 100 people!


The notepad is lemon yellowD-BROSSpecial one.

there, World Travel CalendarThe stamp of the illustration used inThis is a limited edition item that can only be obtained here by pressing it on the cover.

We have prepared two types of stamps, "Russian cat" and "Scenery of Islay"! I'm looking forward to seeing which one it will be.The faint and bleeding texture of the ink, which is unique to hand-pushing, is an attractive finish.

The notepad of the reservation privilege is2022Including calendar and diary,1It will be a gift for those who have placed an order.


DesginRyusuke Tanaka

SizeA5 Plain white40P


Attention of reservation privilege

  • The shipping of the reserved product is9It will be shipped sequentially from the middle of the month.
  • You cannot choose the special design.
  • It will end as soon as the award is out of stock. We will inform you of the end on this site.
  • If you order the reserved item and other items together, the item will be delivered at the same time as the reserved item is shipped.If you are in a hurry, please order separately from the reserved items.