Dialogue Yoshie Watanabe x Satoru Miyata / "The origin of Yoshie Watanabe, and what will continue in the future"

Kigi's Yoshie Watanabe , who has worked on numerous D-BROS products, has worked on the calendar "BOYS & GIRLS &" for the first time in three years.To commemorate the release, we had a talk with Satoru Miyata , the creative director of D-BROS for the first time in a while.The unscripted conversation was as if the daughter and father were talking when they came back on New Year's Day, and the story started with the story of how they met.

Miyata   Mr. Yoshishige came to us (Satoru Miyata Design Office, the predecessor of the draft) when he was 26 years old.

Watanabe  It's the end of 26 years old.After graduating from Yamaguchi University, I was a research student at the University of Tsukuba for about two years, and after that, I went to two companies, although it was short before the draft. After that, I wrote a letter in the draft saying, "If you don't feel like hiring someone, just do an interview."

Miyata  What was the trigger?

Watanabe  When I was thinking of quitting my previous company, when I saw the magazines "Commercial Photo" and "Illustration", "Where should I go next?", Satoru Miyata Design Office appeared in both. I was there. That's why I learned that Satoru Miyata Design Office made a poster for a photo magazine called "ZOOM".At that time, I remembered the poster I saw at the Museum of Photography, so I thought "Oh!"

Miyata  That was when the French version of "ZOOM" was made into a Japanese version.

Watanabe  If I hadn't seen the poster in the museum, I might not have written a letter to Satoru Miyata Design Office.

Miyata  It's been a long relationship since then (laughs).

Watanabe  Yes (laughs).Shortly after joining the company, I was supposed to draw a small illustration for Lacoste's work under Mr. Miyata, and on Saturdays and Sundays I drew that picture. Just at the same time, I received a job request from a monthly magazine called "Taiyo". It was a two-color monotone page, so I drew it with a pencil, and Lacoste's work was very small and color, so I thought, "Yes, I'll buy paint for the first time in a long time!", So I went to buy transparent watercolor. .. That's how I drew the picture of Lacoste.

Miyata  What kind of picture were you drawing? 

Watanabe  There was an advertising space that I called "one-third of the vertical" in the magazine, and there was a copy of Lacoste, and I felt like drawing a picture accordingly.I drew quite a lot.

Watanabe  At that time, there were about three magazines to publish, and when I drew the original picture, I copied it and made it positive, one was submitted with the original picture, and the other was submitted with the positive, but overwhelmingly the original picture It was better to upload it in. So I was doing 3 magazines, so I drew 3 of the same pictures (laughs). Even so, the paintings are different, so I submitted my favorite painting to my favorite magazine (laughs).

Miyata  amazing. Did you start making calendars around that time?

Watanabe  I participated in D-BROS in 1997, but before the calendar became a D-BROS product, I was doing a calendar competition in the draft. After all, when I'm doing advertising work, I don't have a place to express myself so much. The calendar competition is decided by voting, so I definitely want to make it! I thought.In the first year, I was chosen to make it. So I wanted to make it for the second year, but I didn't get a vote.I didn't get a vote, but Mr. Miyata asked me if I could make this one, and I was allowed to make a calendar for Carape ("Paper Talk" won the 1997 ADC Award).

Miyata  That calendar was really good.

Watanabe  But as a calendar, it's quite ... It's made from very thin paper, so it's delicate and as a product.

(A calendar that pursues the beauty of color by stacking thin paper called carape, which is similar to tracing paper.Since the paper is very thin, offset printing cannot be used, and silk printing is used to carefully print each sheet.)

Miyata  But I think it was a loss if I had to buy it.

Watanabe  With that as a trigger, I started making it as D-BROS every year from 1997.I haven't made it for about two years recently, but until then. There was a year when I made two (laughs).

Miyata  Ahaha.I have a deep desire for expression (laughs).

Watanabe  There is a calendar that has become a picture book called "Brooch", but I wanted to draw a lot of pictures that year.  

Miyata  I said, "Why don't you turn the day?"

Watanabe  Was that so? So, I thought, "Yes, I can draw a lot of pictures if I turn the day", so I thought about turning the day at first. But it was too costly to do, so I made a weekly calendar. After that, it could be made into a picture book, and it became a memorable calendar for me. 

Miyata  That was also a luxurious calendar.

Watanabe  Really.Even if I look back on it now, I've been doing various experimental things with D-BROS, so even now I always put out a calendar when I show my work so far. Moreover, there are many, so it is a typical expression for me. I'm always glad I had D-BROS (laughs).

Miyata  A calendar that draws 12 different pictures is painful for everyone.If you can move the brush carefully until you like it, you can do something good.

Watanabe  I heard that I was also given such training.

Miyata  It's painful even with 12 sheets, but I drew 52 sheets in 52 weeks for one year.

Watanabe  Well, but it means that you were given that time as well. However, I did it at a great speed.The date of submission is fixed, and I will draw and design by that point, so I'll calculate backwards and think that I have to do this by this point.For example, the first "brooch" cannot be made in time after the entire story has been created. That is a mechanism that the paper is thin and the next page is a little transparent and interesting, so I make it for each block and start drawing.

Watanabe  So, just draw, draw, and connect between them. Otherwise you won't be in time ...I drew it quite vigorously. However, I was grateful that I was allowed to spend that time.

Miyata  The concentration when drawing Yoshishige's illustrations was a little awesome.Especially after making the drawing method and rhythm by myself.

Watanabe  Is that so (laughs)?

Miyata  A small flower from the D-BROS exhibition.

Watanabe  Oh, that's it! It was painted rather than drawn. At that time, I hadn't put them together yet, but I'm still making them in an evolved form.

(A work that expresses a world like a flower field that expands by cutting out only the motif you want to use from innumerable lace papers, coloring it with magic, and then connecting it again) 


Miyata  That's why it's amazing. Usually you can't.Things that you don't like. As a result, the picture becomes uneven and unbalanced. It's amazing that it's always made with the same pattern and the same rhythm.

Watanabe  Thank you.

Miyata  It's different from the world view of this calendar. Isn't the picture of January expressed with a single string? There is usually a landscape. But there is no landscape. The world view is expanding with this hanging string and the facial expressions and movements of these children.It feels like the expression is complete.

Watanabe  I didn't draw this picture recently, but I'm in my thirties. Wow, a long time ago (laughs). I drew it a while after I bought transparent watercolor for Lacoste's work.When I made the calendar this time, I still wanted to make this favorite picture into something, so I decided to make it a calendar. However, I didn't want to get rid of it too much (laughs). So, I was allowed to press the design of this forehead with foil, and I designed this part. 

(I designed the part of the calendar where the paper called Tanzak is bound)


Watanabe  I've been making a calendar for a long time, and I wanted to keep this picture as well.

Miyata  I think this is the origin of Mr. Yoshishige. 



Twelve illustrations that can be said to be the origin contained in "BOY'S & GIRL'S &". Please enjoy the year 2022 as a calendar and then as Yoshie Watanabe's work for a long time.