"World Travel Calendar"

Designer: Ryusuke Tanaka (NAUTILUSGO Co., Ltdinstagram@ry_toikka

2020This series was also very popular in the year edition.The illustrations, which are delicately expressed in detail with a gentle hand-painted touch, clearly depict the characteristics and atmosphere of each country.

This time, I will pick up the illustrations of this calendar and introduce them in detail.



The departure of the trip is from Russia.January is a beautiful gray-haired cat drawn with the motif of the scenery of "Red Square" which is also a World Heritage Site.

 St. Basil's Cathedral with an onion-shaped roof, the bell clock of the Kremlin tower in the back, and the red star on the top are finely decorated, and the color of the sky imagines the low temperature of Russia in winter. I can do it.

The beautiful scenery of the world heritage in the cold sky contrasts with the cat lying on a warm blanket, and if you step outside, your breath will turn white.


▼ Russia-Red Square




6The scenery of the moon is the scenery of Portugal where trams run through the city.


Retro trams run on steep hills in the retro and colorful cityscape of Lisbon (the Portuguese city).6In Portugal on the moon, there are many sunny and sunny days, and the refreshing sea breeze is a pleasant season.


The illustration of the calendar is also6A scene of such a trip is depicted in which the tram slowly advances toward us in the bright sunshine of the moon. It is a landscape where you can almost hear the sound of trams running on the road and the voices of cheerful Portuguese people.


▼ Portugal-Lisbon



7The moon is the "Amalfi Coast" located on the coastline of southern Italy.

 The Amalfi Coast is lined with houses crowded with cliffs and the emerald blue sea is impressive.7Amalfi on the moon is in the middle of summer, when bright flowers bloom here and there and the green of the lemon trees is dazzling. Italian food made with freshly picked seafood is sure to be excellent!

7From the monthly calendar, it is a bright page where you can feel the refreshing scent of lemon and the bright summer sunshine.The illustrations that convey the cloudless blue sky, the calm sea, and the atmosphere of a lively city make you feel radiant.


▼ Italy-Amalfi




9The moon is a view of New Zealand.


 With a cool climate and abundant nature all year round, New Zealand is also famous for its many endangered species and more sheep than its population. The wide sky and magnificent earth, such as the animals that live in the endless grasslands and the mysterious constellations unique to the Southern Hemisphere, make you feel calm.

The illustration on the calendar also depicts the vast grasslands where sheep and dogs are relaxing.Pink and blue are used as the color of the white hair of sheep, and the expression of the natural white color of animals is complicatedly expressed.

▼ New Zealand 



Every time I turn the calendar every month, my trip progresses, and what kind of place is this? What kind of life do you have? If you look it up, you will discover new knowledge and discoveries that make you feel like you have traveled all over the world.

If you incorporate the food and culture of that country into your daily life every month, your time at home will be a fulfilling and special time. In addition, you can enjoy the illustrations you like for a longer time by cutting them out and decorating them in your room without throwing them away in a month.


 ▼ November clippings

▼ August clippings

In addition, it can be used as a postcard for letters, as a bookmark for books, as a book cover, and so on. It seems that you can fully enjoy it depending on your ideas.


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