Creators Diary How to make everyone's time vol.4 Yoshiichi Hiro-san Part 1 (illustrator)

"Schedule book that you can see" Part 1

D-BROS Creators Diary The 4th interview to ask people who actually use the system about daily schedule management.

The 4th is illustrator Yoshiichihiro who is active in a wide range of genres such as magazines and advertisements with a girly and romantic world view.

I asked Mr. Yoshi, who has been a creator's diary for 11 years, how he creates time every day while balancing work and housework.


Be aware of the time you can use

--You have been using the Creators Diary for a long time. How long have you been using it?

"How long is it ... well, since it was first in 2008, it's the 11th book this year."

-Wow! The Creators Diary was released in 2007, so you've been using it since it was first released. I'm glad to meet someone who has been using it for such a long time. thank you!Today, I would like to talk about Yoshi-san's schedule management.

"Yes, thank you."

--What kind of work does illustrator Yoshi-san do?

"Recently, the illustrations on the" non-no "dream fortune-telling page and the" celebration inside Zexy " WEB And catalogs, Asahi Foods' " Milk shop coffee I was allowed to draw an illustration. later," MilK JAPAN WEB , And the Kansai magazine " SAVVY I'm in charge of the beauty page of ", and the number of jobs I send myself has increased."

▼MilK JAPAN WEB「 Even after the time of dreaming-a relay work by three women- Illustrations written for

--- Not only the illustrations, but also your own lifestyle is being transmitted. Where are the illustrations drawn?

"I've been working at home"

--- Do you usually work at home and go out for meetings?

"is that so"

--- Besides that, you are also doing childcare and housework as a mother.

"Yes, my boy is now going to the childhood at the age of four."

--- Then, send your child out in the morning, work, and pick you up in the evening.It's hard!

"When I was single, I used to work until midnight, sleep a little, and work again, which was an inefficient use of time, but now that I have a limited amount of time to work, I have a limited amount of time to work. I spend my time with a sense of tension. "

-That's right.The time you can move is inevitably decided.

"In the past, the idea was that we should deliver the product on the same day, but if we don't deliver it by 17:00, we can't deliver it on that day, so I think we've started to plan the schedule."


Do it when you can

--You said that the way you spend your time has changed since your child was born. Is there anything you keep in mind?

"I no longer have a job I can't afford.I used to be loose on time, but I got into the habit of doing it in advance.Doesn't a child suddenly get a fever?Irregular events occur when you are small, so the idea was to move forward with what you can do when you can.I used to do my summer vacation homework in a hurry on the last day, but I got the habit of finishing it by the end of July. "

--- You are planning to calculate back from the delivery and have a margin.

"Yes. I used to work to the last minute, but now I often submit it before the specified delivery date."

-It's important to do it when you can, without putting it off.


The horizontal axis is the flow of the schedule, and the vertical axis is the task.

--How do you use the Creators Diary?

"Rough-up and delivery are the keys to the schedule, so I mainly write about when those two are in the column below."

"For example, if you have 7 pages of work, you can write the schedule for that day in the upper part, such as the 1st page on this day, the 2nd page in the morning and the 3rd page in the afternoon."

-Isn't the time written in the upper part (vertical *)?

"I sometimes have interviews and meetings, but basically I draw in my house, so I'm writing roughly what I'm going to do for the day rather than managing it by dividing it by time. It's like covering in the morning and painting the frontispiece in the afternoon. "

* A format with a vertical scale for each time, called the time axis.


--First, you write down the work flow and then allocate what you want to do.Are the assigned tasks done as planned?

"No, when I couldn't do it (laughs), I erased it, and I wrote it again the next day, so I'd like a pencil so that I can erase it and rewrite it."

--How many multiple projects are in progress all the time?

"There were 5 serials and + α, and one-off jobs came in separately, but recently it has calmed down, so the bottom column is almost never filled up."

--How do you spend your time searching for materials to draw illustrations at work and for ideas?

"I try to go where the schedule is free."

--Are your family schedule or private schedule filled in?

"The schedule is managed in a diary together for both work and private life. However, since I can not share it with my husband, my husband asks me to put in an app and share it. But I updated both It's hard to manage, so I haven't done it yet. "

-Does your husband use any notebook?

"I don't use a notebook, I manage everything with Google Calendar."

--- You are looking for a sharing method.

"I have to ask my husband on days when I can't pick up my child, and when my husband has a schedule on the day he's working from home, I still have to share it. I'm thinking. "

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Interview & Text: Eriko Fujitani



Yoshiichihiro Profile

Born in Hyogo prefecture in 1979. Illustrator. Draw a girly and romantic motif with a unique sense of omission. Providing works in a wide range of genres, from editorial to products. Official site / instagram