Creators Diary How to Make Everyone's Time vol.3 chika Part 2 (Housewife / Sales Office)

"Manage family schedules with Creators Diary " Part 2

D-BROS Creators Diary The third interview to ask people who actually use the system about daily schedule management.Instagrammer chika with over 9,000 followers who posts her notebook life on Instagram ( @chika__life ), I asked for some ideas to create my own time.

In the first part, I introduced how to decide and record the role of the notebook according to the purpose.In the second part, I was taught how to manage the schedule of the whole family in the creator's diary and fun ideas.

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Family schedule on the horizontal axis

--What kind of notebook are you using now?

"Now, there are three books," Creator's Diary "," Hobonichi Techo "and" Hobonichi Techo weekly "."

--How do you use them properly?

"In the Creators Diary, I write a rough schedule such as my family's schedule and my work schedule, and write out the weekly To Do for that purpose almost every week. And, in the Hobonichi Techo, I write the To Do of the day. Do I try to write out the To Do of the day on the morning of the day because the schedule may change if the child has a fever. "


These 4 books are currently in use for the schedule

1. Creators Diary (Understanding the overall schedule)
2, Hobonichi Techo weekly (To Do management every week)
3, Hobonichi Techo (To Do management for each day)
4, Study planner (mainly used for study schedule management)


-Is the role of the creators diary to grasp the overall schedule? The horizontal axis is allocated to each family.

"yes.At the top are the children, the master, and their own work. When I can't manage the lessons of children, pick-up and drop-off by myself, I have to get the cooperation of my mother and my husband. "

-It's certainly convenient to be able to see the entire schedule. Even if there is no description on the vertical axis (vertical * 1), if it is written on the bottom (Gantt chart * 2), you will naturally be able to see the task.


* 1: A format called the time axis, which has a vertical scale for each time.

* 2: A type of table used for process control in project management and production control.A bar chart-like format used to visually represent a work plan

"is that so.For example, I have a plan to learn on this day, so I write down what I need to prepare for that day on a weekly basis. However, if it is only weekly, there is no here (Gantt chart), so when multiple schedules overlap, you will not understand the flow. "

-I see.The more you use it, the less it will be organized in one book.

"In my case, that's the case.Actually, I want to put it together in one book, but it doesn't become possible to have only one book, and it just happens like this.Right now, I'm turning with these three books. "

-Isn't there something like a diary right now?

"That's right.I started working in April of this year, so I haven't had much time recently. It's more important how you spend your days. But I use the memo on the back. It ’s very convenient. ”

--What do you write on the back side?

"I use it to write down everything that seems to be a problem, such as a list of belongings, books I want to read, things I want to do, things to clean up, etc."

-But that is smoother, isn't it?When are you writing when you are busy every day?

"When my child is watching TV, I write quickly, and the rest is mostly in the morning.I'm very early in the morning. "

--What time are you awake?

"4:30 in the morning"

-Eh! ?? That's early.

"I'm studying in the morning. When I'm not motivated, I write a schedule like this."

-I want to apprentice.

"But instead, I'm not doing anything at night."



Check daily fulfillment with a notebook

--When did you start using the Creators Diary?

"I've been using it since this year. It's very convenient."

--Thank you. The sticker is cute. When do you put it on?

"♡ or glitter stickers are the days when I was able to fully enjoy my time.I put it on the day when I had fun or happy things. "

-It's fun just looking at it.

"I've expanded my notebook, and recently I've been thinking that I'm less shining, or that I have to shine more."

-I see! That glitter shows your fulfillment.

"I want to buy clothes because I don't have enough glitter, so I showed it to my husband and appealed that there wasn't much glitter recently (laughs). I have to have my own time."

-It's an interesting way to use it.

"After that, I put a pink sticker when I studied, but sometimes I take a bird's-eye view and I'm pushing myself because I haven't been able to study recently so I have to do it soon!"

--- You often look back on the past.

"yes.It's quite convenient to look back, so it's very convenient to have a bellows. "


Record unplanned things in red and look back

-Does color coding have any meaning?

"The schedule plan is in the black, and what I did unplanned is written in red.He said he didn't do this because his child was so enthusiastic that he took a break from lessons. I should have finished it so far, but it took me so far. "

-That's a very good way to use it.

"It's easy to understand when you look back on how it was."

--You can use it when you make your next plan.

"is that so"

-It's a notebook that manages and designs itself.

"No, that's not true, it's just stiff (laughs)."

--Thank you for sharing your ideas today!


Interview & Text: Eriko Fujitani