Creators Diary How to make everyone's time vol.3 chika Part 1 (Housewife / Sales office)

"Manage family schedules with Creators Diary " Part 1

D-BROS Creators Diary The third interview to ask people who actually use the system about daily schedule management.

Chika, who lives in Kanagawa, is responsible for the child-rearing and work of her two children, as well as housework and three roles.

Chika (who is also active as an Instagrammer with more than 9,000 followers, who is enthusiastic about her hobbies and studies even in such busy days. @chika__life ), I asked for some ideas to create my own time.

I want to read a book.

--- Today, I would like to ask you about chika's notebook life. thank you.

"thank you"

--The number of followers on Instagram is about 10,000. What kind of things have been uploaded?

"Mainly read books, contents written in notebooks and notebooks, records of qualification study, etc.To keep my motivation, I record what I did today. "

--When did you start?

"Is Instagram about three and a half years ago?I started writing in notebooks and notebooks about 5 years ago. "

--What was the trigger?

"It was my first childcare since my older child was born, and I'm really busy every day. When I saw my son growing up, I thought I should keep a record of this, so I started writing a childcare diary. As I was writing that way, I gradually became addicted to how to use the notebook and wondered how I could have my own time. "

--- When a child is born, it becomes difficult to have your own time.

"That's right. I used to like reading novels, but after my child was born, I didn't have time to read at all, so I wondered what to do."


Think about the role of the notebook

--How do you manage your schedule?

"In the beginning, I used to use only Hobonichi Techo, but after that I switched to a vertical * notebook. At this time, I thought that my child would take a nap like this, so I could read the book in the meantime. I managed the life cycle of my child and the time for housework, and assembled when I could make my own time. "

* A format with a vertical scale for each time, called the time axis.

-Is the vertical type easy to use?

"It's easy to use. If you just write what you want to do, you can't plan the schedule, and if it's vertical, you want to finish this within this time, so it's easy to decide the time allocation."

-Are you using only the vertical type?

"My work and my two children have different schedules and preparations, and in addition there are various things I want to do, so it is difficult to understand the flow of time with only verticals, so recently I have a list of things to do together. I make a notebook to write out and use it properly. "

--- It has gradually increased as your child has grown up.

"That's right. If I managed each notebook with a role, it would gradually increase. It's fun to put it together and increase it again, so I'm using it while trying various things."

--Do you like stationery originally?

"No, that wasn't the case. Rather, I've never used up my notebook even if I bought it.Once I get hooked, I get really stiff. "

 ▼ I showed you the notebooks and notebooks that Chika-san, who says that she is stiff, has written so far.


Bottom right: Childcare diary (Hobonichi Techo)
A childcare diary that triggered my notebook life. It is a fun spelling of your child's appearance and your feelings with pictures and illustrations.

Upper left: Diary (Moleskine notebook)
After it became difficult to write a childcare diary every day, I changed to a style of writing when I wanted to. I wrote down things in my head, such as memories with my child and my wish list.


-Wow!The childcare diary is written in great detail.You'll want to read it back.

"It makes me feel nostalgic. I remember how I felt at that time, and not only got angry, but I also regret that I have to be kind, and it's also my reflection."

-Does Moreskin's notebook feel like a book?

"is that so.I wrote a lot about my diary, schedule, study, and so on. "

Travel record book (Traveler's notebook)
After my child went to kindergarten, I took less frequent pictures, and instead took a long vacation. It seems that it has come to keep a record as a record of travel.Keeping a record of your actions and information about the transportation you used can help you plan your next trip.


--- Recently, the number of things that can be recorded and remembered digitally, such as blogs and apps, is increasing. What is the reason for writing them on paper?

"I'm not good at digital myself, but I think it's solved by writing something that's moody in my head."

>> Continued in the second half


Interview & Text: Eriko Fujitani