Creators Diary How to make everyone's time vol.1 Yoshie Watanabe (art director)

"It's refreshing because the outlook for the schedule is clear."

An interview has begun to ask people who actually use D-BROS's Creators Diary about their daily schedule management.

The first is Yoshie Watanabe, who designs the 2019 calendar for D-BROS while doing a wide range of creative activities as a design unit "KIGI".

As an art director of D-BROS for many years, he has also been involved in product development for creators' diary. Ask Yoshie Watanabe, who has continued this schedule management method before the creator's diary was commercialized, how to manage busy days and make the necessary time using the creator's diary. I tried it.


Take a bird's eye view of the schedule

--- Did you hear that the Creators Diary is an evolution of the schedule used by draft designers?

"The method of managing schedules with bellows has been done in-house for a long time. I used A4 size graph paper, cut it, fold it into bellows, and connect it. That is the prototype of the creator's diary. "

"At one point, Mr. Ue made something similar to the current creator's diary on a mac. There was also a vertical axis and horizontal axis format from that time, and I used a printout of it for one year. Until then, I had to hand-write the date, which was very difficult. That was the beginning of the creators diary.I remember being happy that I didn't have to stick it myself once it was commercialized.It has a date, it's connected, and I'm glad (laughs). "

--Mr. Miyata said that everyone's work has become faster since the schedule was created, but has there been any change in the way you work?

"I don't know if it's faster, but when I have more work, I can't organize without it.There are a lot of projects and I'm busy! Even if it becomes, the submission may be unexpectedly ahead. Looking at the schedule from a bird's-eye view, I feel refreshed that I can still afford it. "

--- Visualization will help you organize your head.

"You can't manage your schedule without this note anymore."

-Isn't the schedule managed on your computer or smartphone?

"I'm doing it for KIGI as a whole, but I've never seen it.I handed over my notebook and the staff entered my schedule. Everyone knows where the meeting is and where the guests are. "

-Well, sharing is easier digitally, isn't it?

"But I'm a creator's diary."


To organize my head

--What do you write in your notebook?

The vertical axis is a daily schedule.

"For the horizontal axis, write a long-term schedule for each project.It is during this period that we have a meeting on how many days and design, so we have roughly designed up so far, submitted the manuscript, and when it will be delivered.When I have a big suggestion, I put it on a sticker to make it stand out. "

--When do you set up your schedule?

"Of course I do it every day, but if I have more work to do, or if I want to organize my mind.I think about it and write down all the work I'm doing now to organize my schedule and write what I need now. Even if I think there is a lot of work to do, I can rest assured that I still have time to write it out unexpectedly. "

--How do you spend your time thinking and working?

"I didn't write that.The blank part is the working time.If the meeting is over early, I will go to work accordingly. "

--But do you have time that you absolutely want to secure?

"Well, sometimes I reserve it when I know in advance that designing will take time.
I have a lot of meetings on weekdays and I can't do design work, so when I have to draw an illustration, I'm drawing it on the weekend recently.When I draw a picture, I usually write "my sister's house" (laughs). "

-Are you drawing illustrations at your sister's house?

"It's the same whether I draw at home or anywhere, so I draw pictures when I go out to play. Also, at my sister's house, it's a set-up set, and for me it's about Isseki Sancho (laughs)."

-I see (laughs) It seems that you can concentrate on your work.


A notebook that eliminates sickness

--Yoshie-san is a mechanical pencil sect.

"is that so.I like the disappearing ballpoint pen, but the letters I wrote are a little thick and I don't use it much.If you write everything with a ballpoint pen, the page will be very black. Somehow a pencil works better. "

--Some people color-code jobs, but are there any rules for your notebook?

"I don't do much color coding, but sometimes when there is an important submission, I put a sticker at the point.So that you can easily understand large projects. "

--- You draw a line horizontally to separate the schedule.

"If you draw a line, you don't have to write the time.Since the number of meetings has increased recently, it is better to have as few elements as possible (in the notebook). "

-It certainly makes it easier to grasp the main points.Is the sticky note on your notebook a landmark for today?

"Yes, without this, it would be difficult to know where today is."

-Are you not using the rubber band of the bookmark?

"I don't wear that rubber band because there are times when I want to look back on my previous schedule.If you close it, you can't look back at it, and it's troublesome to remove the rubber one by one.
I use a rubber band to close the whole thing. "

--Are there any points you would like to see in the Creators Diary?

"No.Perfect for me "

--What do you particularly like?

"Of course, the first is the bellows. Then there are the vertical and horizontal axes."

--Once you get used to this, you can no longer use other notebooks.

"I can't think of anything else."

--- The submission may be hidden on the next page, but you may not be able to see it at this stage.

"That's right. It's refreshing because the outlook for the schedule is clear. It's stressful to think that there is this too."

-Can you eliminate your anxiety?

"yes.If I write it down, I can still afford it, so I'll try to do this.Feeling refreshed and stress-relieving. (Laughs) I think it's great for people who have multiple long-term projects, so I recommend it. "

-Well, this is a notebook that busy people should definitely try.Thank you for today.


Interview & Text: Eriko Fujitani



Yoshie Watanabe Profile

Born in Yamaguchi Prefecture.Graduated from Yamaguchi University. Joined Satoru Miyata Design Office (currently Draft) in 1986.Established KIGI in 2012 with Ryosuke Uehara. In addition to graphic design, while still serving as the director of the draft product brand "D-BROS", Shigeto Itoi's "Almost Sun" and clothing brand CACUMA (2013-) are further added to Shiga Prefecture. Launched Kikof (2014-), a brand of pottery, furniture, cloth products, etc. with craftsmen of traditional crafts. In addition, he creates works and holds exhibitions in the flow of design work. In 2015, we opened the shop & gallery "OUR FAVORITE SHOP" in Shirokane, Tokyo, which sells design products produced by KIGI.Picture book "BROOCH" (written by Yayako Uchida), "Journey" (poetry by Hiroshi Osada, jewelry by Etsuko Sonobe), "UN DEUX" (written by Naomi Takayama), "Colored red hood, walnut split doll, mysterious" Published "Alice in the Country" (written by Takashi Ando) and a collection of works "KIGI" and "KIGI_M" from Littlemore.Received Tokyo ADC Grand Prix, D & AD Gold Award, One Show Design Gold Award, NY ADC Gold Award, etc.