Information on how to fill "Tender Candle" gel wax

In this D-BROS MAGAZINE, I would like to introduce how to fill gel wax so that you can enjoy "Tender Candle" for a long time.

It's like the transparent jelly used in "Tender Candle", which is a material called gel wax, which is made by solidifying ingredients such as mineral oil into a gel.

The candle can be used for about 40 hours by continuous burning, but after it is used up, you can use it repeatedly by filling it with gel wax by yourself.

Then, I will introduce the filling method in three steps.


STEP1: Prepare the tools


First of all, here are five.

・ Gel wax for candles (approx. 350g) (can be purchased at home improvement stores, mail orders, etc.)

・ Candle bowl

・ Washers with thread cores (can be purchased at home improvement stores, mail orders, etc.)

-Wood for fixing thread cores (disposable chopsticks etc. are also OK)

・ IH compatible pot

This is the gel wax that is the material for candles. It's plump like jelly.The main ingredient is mineral oil (liquid paraffin), so it is a little slimy.

You can purchase it at home improvement stores or online shopping, so please search for "gel wax for candles".

Approximately 350g is required to fill the Tender Candle. (Required amount when putting in the bowl)

When you're ready, it's time to melt the gel wax.


STEP2: Melt the gel wax

To fill, the jelly-like gel wax needs to be melted into a liquid. There is a risk of ignition if it is directly ignited with a gas stove, so it is recommended to heat it with an IH or the like to melt it.

There are two points to note here!

1. Be careful of burns

Gel wax has a high melting point and does not boil, so it is difficult to understand, but it will be quite hot, so please do not touch it. Please be careful not to get burned.

2. Do not overheat

Please note that if the gel wax is heated too high, smoke will be emitted from the gel wax and the color will change to a burnt yellowish color. It is OK if it becomes completely liquid.



STEP3: Pour in gel wax

When the gel wax is completely dissolved in liquid form, fill the container.

First, in order to fix the thread core, tape the thread core to the wood for fixing and set it in the container.

Pour the gel wax into the bowl, being careful not to spill it.

If it spills, it may melt depending on the material of the desk, so it is a good idea to pull a thick paper or a tray of insoluble material underneath.

After filling is complete, leave it as it is until it hardens. (About a whole day at room temperature)

When the gel wax has hardened, the gel candle is complete.


Bonus: About tidying up

When the gel wax cools, it hardens again into a jelly, so it can be easily peeled off.It is recommended to cool the pot used for melting, remove the gel wax, and clean up afterwards.

There is no problem with gel wax as it touches your skin, but you need to be careful about accidental ingestion, so be careful when cleaning up the used pots.


What did you think.It's surprisingly easy to DIY, so please try it while paying attention to safety. And I hope you enjoy Tender Cabdle for a long time.

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text: Eriko Fujitani