• 母の日の贈り物に。D-BROSの母の日ギフト。

    For Mother's Day gifts. D-BROS Mother's Day gift.

    5 moon 8 The day is Mother's Day. D-BROS We will introduce the perfect items for Mother's Day gifts.   ▼ Flo...
  • 2015年に発売したリメイクバックの復刻版が登場! 食パンが2斤入る大きめのトートバッグは用途広がる使いやすいサイズです

    A reprint of the remake back released in 2015 is now available! The large tote bag that holds 2 loaves of bread is an easy-to-use size that can be used for a wide range of purposes.

    A bakery in Sendai " Caslon The original bag that was made in 2015 A year D-BROS A reprint of the so-called "Cathlon bag" remade b...
  • 新作ハンカチ デザイナーインタビュー vol.1

    New Handkerchief Designer Interview vol.1

    Now that it's become a daily routine to wash your hands every time you go out, it's a familiar item, and if you feel better even a little ... With...