A reprint of the remake back released in 2015 is now available! The large tote bag that holds 2 loaves of bread is an easy-to-use size that can be used for a wide range of purposes.

A bakery in Sendai " Caslon The original bag that was made in 2015 A year D-BROS A reprint of the so-called "Cathlon bag" remade by the company is now available.

Going back from now 23 years ago, 1999 Our company in the year DRAFT Natural yeast bakery produced by & restaurant "Caslon"

Miyata, the president of that time, looks back on this.

"I Caslon I already wanted to learn through D-BROS Because I had started, I wanted to experience how the shop should be and how to manage it. I also wanted to be involved in architecture, and I had a lot of things I wanted to know about managing the store, such as the interior and relationships with customers. DRAFT For younger employees, some designers have emerged from this job, and I have had a lot of experience. "


Yes, as Miyata says, Caslon Through one store called DRAFT Has worked on many designs such as logos, sales promotion tools, and tableware, and the designers at that time gained valuable experience.

One of them was a bag with the Caslon logo, which was the perfect size to hold two loaves of bread. This is a remake of it D-BROS It is a remake cotton bag.

2015 The popular bag, which went on sale in the year, will be available in limited quantities after about 7 years.

The remake of the bag is 100 The fabric is dyed and designed at the Uchida dyeing factory, which has a history of more than a year. We are particular about printing, and this time we use two types of printing methods, silk printing and garment printing.

Each item finished by silk screen printing is carefully hand-printed.

For the print finish (garment print), new colors of white and engine have also appeared. A large bag that can hold 2 loaves of bread is perfect as an eco bag for shopping, and since it is sewn firmly, you can carry heavy items such as drinking water with confidence.It becomes compact when folded, so it is very convenient to put it in your usual bag.

The number of bags in this reprint is limited, so please take this opportunity to check it out.

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