The story of the birth of Mirror Cup & Saucer


It has the same meaning as the technique often used in surrealism, "to deceive the eyes," but I thought it would be interesting to design the mirror mechanism often used in this trick art to something familiar. Was the starting point for the development of the mirror cup.
The reason why I chose the cup and saucer is that the relationship that the horizontal pattern rises vertically and disappears when released is very interesting.

But this is my first experience working on pottery. I have an idea, but I don't even know if this is technically possible. I started with that research.

Then I arrived at Hasami ware in Nagasaki.Hasami ware is thin and hard, so the mirror finish is beautiful. I will bring the white porcelain cup and saucer made here to Tajimi, Gifu prefecture. Palladium powder is melted and the craftsmen finish each one by hand.

Invisible scratches that emerge when you apply palladium.Finish with even brush. It was exactly the work that made the craftsmen cry.

On the other hand, the design work will proceed in parallel.The fun and pattern that the straight line is reflected in the curved line and the curved line is reflected in the straight line. The height of the table and the distance between the cup and the person. I studied them and made lines by hand. Make the saucer a little bigger so that you can enjoy the change in the design each time you move the cup. Let's make it attractive even if you use it only with the plate. It is designed with such a feeling.

Enjoy beautiful trick art while drinking delicious tea.