2021 "Children's Calendar" We asked Yuka Shiramoto, the designer, about her thoughts on the production.

D-BROS 's first calendar for children released in September 202 1 .

Designed a "children's calendar" made for children

  Yuka Shiromoto (SHIRO Inc.) I asked Mr. San about his thoughts on the production.


2021 In the calendar lineup of the year, D-BROS The first calendar for children has been added since.If you have a family with small children, you will hear the conversations that you will hear soon.

"What is it today?"

"Ichinichi ( 1 Day)! "

"Today, it's not just one day, it's just a mess."

 "Why? Why are you crazy?", I hope I can learn the correct reading first, and then I hope I can learn the rhythm of my life by looking at the calendar. It is a calendar made from my thoughts.

  This calendar project started with "I want to make a calendar for children!" From Yuka Shiramoto, who designed it. D-BROS The team also started production immediately, saying, "I want you to have such a calendar!"Shiramoto's child already remembers how to read it, but he thought it would be nice to have such a calendar when he was little.This time, Mr. Shiramoto answered about "Children's Calendar" in the form of a questionnaire!


――Please tell us the theme of this calendar again.

「  Difficult days for children, such as "Tsutachi," "Futsuka," and "Mikka."

The theme is a calendar that parents and children can enjoy while learning how to read.

1 Year, 1 month, 1 While getting a sense of the week and the day of the week

Have fun writing your own schedule and sticking stickers

I want you to use it.

From my own child-rearing experience, I wish I had a calendar like this

It's a calendar I've been thinking about for a long time.

It is also recommended not only for children but also for foreigners studying Japanese. "

――What kind of design did you stick to?

 「 Character size, typeface, writing space, etc.

The design emphasizes visibility and ease of use.

We also considered the color scheme so that it is easy to see even for those who have difficulty in distinguishing colors.

Also, you can add seasonal motif characters every month.

I also attach a schedule sticker so that you can enjoy using it. "

――It was a year of angry waves in 2020. Is there anything you were aware of when creating the 2021 calendar?


"This year, I spend more time at home,

It's been a year of thinking about how to spend time indoors.

In the house, communication between parents and children will increase even a little,

I hope the calendar will be enjoyable. "




――What kind of year do you want to have in 2021?

"While taking care of your health,

I want to write a lot of fun schedules on the calendar and make it a year that everyone can enjoy! "



--thank you very much!


This calendar is a calendar designed by repeating trial and error, how to make it easy to see, how to read it, and how to make people notice the day of reading different from the numbers.Imagine a mother or a small child who will use it, and I have a lot of thoughts in it, so if you have any opinions or impressions, please do not hesitate to contact me. D-BROS Please send to.



2022 version of "Children's Calendar" Can be purchased from here



text : Jina Lee