D-BROS products found in Hiroshima

11Autumn sunny day of the moon,

For many yearsD-BROSHiroshima shop that handles the products ofMitette」、

"Hiroshima Tsutaya Bookstore" and "lovely desginI visited.


Hiroshima for the first time,JRAfter wondering how to move from Hiroshima Station to Minette in Naka-ku, I took a taxi.While being thrilled by the Hiroshima dialect that I heard for the first time,10Arrived in about a minuteMinette。Mr. Shimouchi, the manager, welcomed me with a gentle smile.。

 ▼Minette    2 Hakushima Nakamachi, Naka-ku, Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture19

MinetteIs a general store in a residential area in Naka-ku, Hiroshima.

When opening a shop, "D-BROSI just wanted to put the creator's diary of. "D-BROSI enjoyed hearing the old tale that I was thrilled to call my office.

"Children's calendar" and "Children's calendar" found in the storeWorld Travel Calendar", A red envelope.

D-BROSIn addition to these products, products such as "Oh, this may be good" were selected from the perspective of an adult woman, and I thoroughly enjoyed the small store filled with exciting things.

I was free to say that I would like to line up a lot of flower bases in the spring.

Everyone in Hiroshima, please look forward to the spring fair.


From Minette to Hiroshima Tsutaya Bookstore.

here,D-BROSA big fair is being held that can be mistaken for a directly managed store.

 The first impression of everyone at the Hiroshima Tsutaya Bookstore who welcomed us was that they were really "active."
Each person in charge wants to think about a plan and do it himself! I will proceed with the project that I thought,
The sales floor was filled with such very positive energy.

There are also two large shelves made by Hiroki Eto, a literary concierge.
He suggested the fun of real books, not just new ones.
After going around the store, it's finally timeD-BROSTo the fair place.

 Mr. Ono (left), a stationery concierge, and Mr. Inumaru (right), a living concierge.

We have a complete lineup of seasonal products such as calendars, diaries, and New Year's cards.

In addition, there are plenty of old greeting cards, the Hotel Butterfly series, and the flower base of the masterpiece.

Thank you for such a wonderful fair! I'm just grateful.

Inumaru-san and Ono-sanD-BROSHe has always liked that

About the productD-BROSI think it's more detailed than the team.

Especially Mr. OnoD-BROSA passionate feeling about the calendar of Hiroshima Tsutaya BookstoreHPGive it to me.

Please take a look from here.



Hiroshima Tsutaya BookLECTIt is inside.

11moon20From the day, the layout has been changed a little, and mobile cards are also available!

The fair has been extended until the end of February next year! Please come visit us when you come near us.


Hiroshima T-SITE
733-0831 Ogi, Nishi-ku, Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture2Chome1-45


 Just a short drive from Hiroshima Tsutaya Bookstore3-4At the minute, "lovely desginThere is Mr.

This is a select shop that proposes interiors with excellent design and functionality, centered on Scandinavian style.

D-BROSProducts are handled by flower bases, calendars, etc.

On the day I visited, a lot of new products arrived at the store!

We also have the latest flower-based mosaic design series.

If you want to see the real thing, please come visit us.


▼lovely desgin   733-0834 2-8 Kusatsushinmachi, Nishi-ku, Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture


Hiroshima is the Atomic Bomb Dome in Miyajima and Peace Memorial Park.

However, in Hiroshima for the first time, neither the torii gate of Miyajima nor the Atomic Bomb Dome are being renovated.

We received praise (?) From everyone, saying, "On the contrary, it's rare!"

It was a visit to Hiroshima that made me more excited when I went next time.


For customers who are far from Hiroshima,D-BROS online storeFrom

You can purchase the product. Please take a look.