New Handkerchief Designer Interview vol.1

Now that it's become a daily routine to wash your hands every time you go out, it's a familiar item, and if you feel better even a little ... With that in mind, a new handkerchief has arrived from D-BROS .cotton 100% It has good water absorption and has an elegant texture.This time, we asked Yuka Shiramoto, who worked on two colorful designs, about the production.

white book  This time, the theme was "children's play", and I got an idea from that.

Mr. Shiramoto is also the inventor of the popular "Children's Calendar" and is also involved in the design. The "Children's Calendar" is a model of what I wish I had when Shiramoto's child was smaller than he is now.

――As with the children's calendar, is the influence of your daughter likely to be reflected in the design?

white book  After all, there are ways to make things that I don't think of, and shapes. It feels like "this is interesting. It's a good idea", and when I remember it a little and think "here", I refer to that idea.

white book  For the design of this handkerchief, I saw my daughter sticking a flower-shaped sticker or a round sticker, and I think she was making flowers, but I made it only with a fixed shape sticker. It's cute, so I tried to incorporate that feeling.

The other person has the same base, and the child gets an idea from what he made by cutting paper like a paper cutout.

This is a mysterious shape, with the shape itself taken from it.It is a design that composes a piece of paper.Children are already in the first grade of junior high school and elementary school 5 I'm a grader, but both handkerchiefs got ideas from the ones I had when I was in the nursery school at that time.

――Are you taking all the work you get from the nursery center?

white book  It's not all, but I've saved some of the things I like and the typical things I don't want to throw away.I have two children and I don't know which one, so write a small name and date on the back and file by age.I still do that even now when my older child is in the first year of junior high school.School assignments, letters, etc.

――Wow, that's amazing! The two designs this time are perfect for adult women, so I didn't think they were born from children.It's a design that reaches a wide range of people.

white book  I agree.It's hard to say, but I want to make something that many people will be happy with. Of course, the base is that I want something like this, as in the case of the "Children's Calendar," but I believe that other people want it as well. If it's something I only want, it doesn't make sense to make it as a product, or it's just a work.I want to make a product that I can sympathize with. I would be very happy if the response was good and it sold well.


The new handkerchief designed by Mr. Shiramoto D-BROSof online store You can purchase from. 4 It is a perfect gift for new students and new members of society.I feel new 4 Why don't you feel a little better with a new handkerchief in the month?





Yuka Shiramoto 

art director / graphic designer

Ltd. SHIRO represent.Born in Shizuoka prefecture.After graduating from university, Shinmura Design Office Co., Ltd., Draft Co., Ltd., POSTALCO After that, became independent. 2019 Year Co., Ltd. SHIRO set up. 2020 Year-Part-time lecturer at Joshibi University of Art and Design  2014 year tokyo ADC Award winning / 2015 Received the Silver Award in the Food Category of the Japan Package Design Awards / 2015year JAGDA Received the New Face Award / 2015year tokyoADC Award winning etc.