New handkerchief designer interview vol.2

A handkerchief with an impressive folded design of a single striped pattern Find line Green "When" Find line Orange 」。This time, I designed this mysterious three-dimensional handkerchief. D-BROS I asked Mr. Kazuya Iwanaga , the art director of.

―― First of all, I would like to ask you where the idea for the design of this handkerchief came from.

Iwanaga  Not limited to this handkerchief "D-BROS But Expressions to make, expressions you want to propose " I've been looking for something like that. D-BROS There is also the concept of "design is fun" and "between graphics and products (between planes and solids)", so I wondered if I could express that well.

For example, try cutting the finished graphic and launching it, or breaking the one that was made and looking for another interesting expression.As a result of various trials this time, it seems that I came to the point of folding.

--child Is the stripe actually a folded piece of paper?

Iwanaga  that's right. After all, I thought that the one I actually made was more realistic and interesting, so I cut and folded dozens of them and experimented, and used the one that looked good.

―― Did you get the hang of what would be interesting when you were folding the paper?

Iwanaga  No, I don't really know when it's folded, and even if I think it looks good, it's not very interesting when I actually put it into the design, or when I fold it, it's good to fit something that I thought was overkill. There was something I couldn't understand unless I put it in the shape of a handkerchief.

Also, it was difficult to cast shadows. How much shadows should be emphasized, the number of shadows, etc.When you fold the paper, if you fold it tightly, the shadow will not appear.It was fun to see how much the paper floated, but it was difficult to verify.

―― This handkerchief should be a color that can be used by both men and women.

Iwanaga  I agree.There were two types of designs with a gentle atmosphere by Mr. Shiramoto, so I think I tried to create a cool system (laughs).

―― surely. It's a good balance.  

Iwanaga  I'm glad it happened as a result. The theme wasn't too far away, so I folded the paper, but Mr. Shiramoto said, " Pieces of paper I heard that you cut the paper and designed it with the pieces. Even if the theme itself is close, it was interesting that the expression would change so much depending on each way of thinking.

 ―― If you fold this handkerchief, the design will be a little difficult to understand. What did you think about that when designing?

Iwanaga  I think that handkerchiefs are quite self-satisfying.In short, I think it's something that raises my tension, so rather than showing it to others, I thought it would be better to have it and make it an item that raises my feelings.

―― I agree.Just having one with your favorite design will raise your tension.I'm with you!

At the end, D-BROS It doesn't have to be limited to, but is there anything you value when designing?

 Iwanaga  is that so …… Even if it's not the correct answer, the first thing to do is to make yourself flutter. After that, this is difficult, but somewhere in the design, it leaves a sense of discomfort as to why this is the case.If I complete it too much, I may not feel the charm myself, so I cherish the delicate lines there, rather than the feeling on the design Then, I thought that it wouldn't be interesting if I designed it technically.There are times when the rough that I made at the beginning conveys what I want to do, so I try not to forget it.

―― Mr. Miyata (Draft representative Satoru Miyata's book "Don't Design" came to my mind (laughs).  

Iwanaga  Well, I mean I'm just designing too much I think I think too much .. I finally understood the meaning (laughs).There are quite a few theories that look good, or something that makes them beautiful, but when trying to protect them, there are times when you can't tell what you originally wanted to do and you're overwhelmed. In that sense, even if I ignore the theory of design, I think there is something more important. I think the seniors in the draft are doing that. That's why many things that touch my heart have been created.

 ―― I see. I heard a very good story. thank you very much!