Hanatosum vol.7 Hydrangea

It's raining. "Hydrangea" comes to mind in this season. Hydrangea is actually a flower material that is very easy to use as a flower base. It is a flower material that can be shaped and has a strong presence with just one flower, so please give it a try.

When hydrangea is put in, the cross section of the stem should be taken out firmly, and the white part called cotton inside should be scraped off to improve the absorption of water.

This time, this flower base with a refreshing light blue is matched with the pure white hydrangea.

I chose it with the image of raindrops.It seems that the color will be more pronounced if you leave only a few leaves.

Just be careful with this hydrangea! Pet dogs and cats, of course, don't inadvertently talk to people. There are some poisonous types of hydrangea. Of course, it's okay if you just decorate it. Because of this poison, hydrangeas such as potted plants are hard to get insects and are easy to grow.

Japanese sweets Murakami's ice


Depressed by the rain ... I felt the rhythm of the rain falling on the tin roof, lined up my favorite umbrellas and boots at the entrance, listened to the frog chorus ... It rained like I was a child. I want to remember the feeling of enjoying.Listen to the sound of the rain and enjoy the water-clear dried sweets beside the hydrangea.


text: Akiko Hino



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