Hanatosum vol.6 Carnation

After a long Golden Week, it was a very pleasant season for the refreshing breeze to cross the shade of the trees.The clothes have changed from long sleeves to short sleeves, and the mind and body are somewhat light.

May 12th this weekend is Mother's Day.This time, I would like to make Mother's Day carnations into a flower base with two patterns.When you give it, when you give it, please refer to it if you like.

First of all, one like this.

If you were given a small carnation ...Cut it into short pieces to make a flower-based mini.Because it is short and has a wide mouth, even small children can easily go there.

Carnations on Mother's Day became the first day I had flowers on my own.The white pattern with bright red carnations allows light to pass through and looks like a glass vase.

Next time, if it's such a bouquet ...

If you don't have a large vase, take the leaves at the base, divide them into small pieces, and decorate them before and after to enjoy them with plenty of volume. The carnation with such an adult-like color is also wonderful.

You will surely be pleased to give delicious sweets with carnations! Let's have one bite-sized tart for everyone.

BAKE cheese tart


text: Akiko Hino



▼ Click here for the flower base used this time

Flower base short RW / S


Flower base rainbow