Hanatosum vol.5 Tulip

April is a new start.I got used to new things every day in a different environment, so I tried my best to run through the three weeks of April. I think there are many people like that.

Why don't you take a break here and make some time to put flowers for a change?

This time I tried the tulips that everyone is familiar with.You can enjoy it for a long time if you choose the one whose leaves are cheerful and firm and the buds have not opened yet.

There are many types of chilip, such as those with frill-like petals and those with marble patterns.Look out for the flowers in the school flowerbeds and parks and find your favorite tulip.

The flower base combined this time is "Color Drops" that looks like hanging colorful paints.

Only one corner of the flower makes you feel like it suddenly brightened.If you match the color of the flower with one of the colors used for the flower base, it seems to be well organized.

In addition, tulips have a beautiful line of stems, so if you take a few leaves, they will look neat.

Take a break with coffee and sable while enjoying the flowing stem shape, tulip flowers and vibrant flower-based colors. Well, I'll do my best tomorrow!

Sable (Kokeshiya) / D-BROS Cup & Saucer POP / D Motif


▼ Click here for the flower base used this time

Flower base color drops + yellow