Hanato Sum vol.4 Sakura

Sakura is finally in full bloom in Tokyo.It's nice to see the cherry blossoms outside, but have you ever had such an experience that you had a cold unexpectedly?

Why don't you enjoy the small cherry blossom viewing by decorating the cherry blossoms at home as well as outside cherry blossom viewing?

Last time (vol.3 Sakura) ) Was also cherry blossoms, but even with the same flower material, the overall impression will change if the color pattern of the flower base changes.

I would like to try various things according to the mood at that time.

This time, the flower base selected according to the atmosphere of the cherry blossoms has a gentle color gradation like the pale shade of the petals of the cherry blossoms.

It's a little trick, but if you put the amount of water in the flower base until the 7th to 8th minutes (around the D-BROS logo mark), it will be in a beautiful shape.

Since the weight of the water is heavy, there is also the advantage that the vessel becomes easier to stabilize even when a large branch is laid.

Even with the same "Sakura", you can enjoy the difference in atmosphere by changing the flower base, and this time it gave a gentle impression.

Oh, the standard cherry blossom viewing, Sakuramochi, is also different in Kanto and Kansai. Now, let's make a delicious tea and compare it with the one I wanted to try.

Left: Domyoji Sakuramochi / Right: Sakuramochi (Akasaka Aono)

Not only the appearance but also the texture is quite different! Which Sakuramochi do you like?


text: Akiko Hino


▼ Click here for the flower base used this time

Flower base jelly peach