Hanatosum vol.2 Peach blossom

March 3rd is the Doll's Festival. Is there anyone who decorates the chicks and celebrates with clam soup and chirashizushi?

I hear many people say that there is no space to decorate big chicks. However, it is fun to take this opportunity to enjoy the feeling of "Hinamatsuri" with small decorations.

Hina dolls only for the inner back and the dolls, and peach blossoms.I think that you can enjoy seasonal events well in modern spaces, depending on how you match them.

The flower base introduced this time is One large size and one small size are included.After going to each of the rape blossoms and peaches to celebrate the peach festival, I put them back and forth.By combining not only peach branches but also yellow rape blossoms, you can make it look more like a Hinamatsuri.

The branches are straight, so even if you put them in as they are, they will be gorgeous.The vertical lines of the peach and the horizontal pattern of the flower base have an interesting relationship.


The buds of peach blossoms can easily spill out with just a touch, so be careful not to touch the buds.

I think it will be fun if you try to arrange the Hinamatsuri, decorations and dishes this weekend. Now that I've made some decorations, I'll take a pinch of hina-arare. Oh, it ’s delicious!


text: Akiko Hino 



▼ Click here for the flower base used this time

Flower base beadro pink & red


Flower Base Beadro Blue & Green