Hanatosum vol.1 Rose

I wish there were flowers in my daily life. I think many people think that way. However, I don't know what kind of flower to buy ... I'm a little embarrassed to enter the flower shop ... I don't have a vase ... It was more expensive than I expected when I went to buy flowers ... For some reason, few people may be familiar with flowers.

The series "Hanatosumu", which will start from now on, started with the desire to make the flowers feel closer to you and to make it easier for you to enjoy them. If you see the flowers introduced here, please buy them and decorate them as you like. I'm sure the scenery of the usual room will change a little.

First of all, I tried to make a flower, a rose that everyone knows. The flower base is pink, which is similar to roses from the new series that will be released on March 1st.

The fragrant rose is one of the flower materials that has a certain presence even if it is only one flower and is very easy to go.

The trick to getting there is to remove the extra leaves and clean them up so that you can stand up nicely. You can buy even one flower at a flower shop, so why not start with a single rose as the first step?

text: Akiko Hino


▼ Click here for the flower base used this time

Flower base beadro pink & red