Introducing a gift set that you can easily give. Comes with a popular flower base, gift box and postcard

For a little souvenir. For a small gift.

Gift of popular flower base BOX Introduced a set with a message card. The message card is " Thank you 」、「 Happy Birthday 」、「 For you "of 3 types .. It is a great gift for those who have taken care of you and for your friends' birthdays.

The gift set, which is 200 yen cheaper than the regular price, will be delivered with D-BROS original wrapping!


▼ "Thank you" mini yellow

The gift box depicts California poppies that bloom from spring to summer.It is the perfect flower for this season when it grows in the sun. The flower base is a new mini size released in 2020. The postcard is a cute Thank you card with a cat holding out a mouse.


 ▼ "Thank you" mini pink

A set of mini pink with a calm impression. There is a small message "Thank you" on the petals of the pink flowers on the postcard. The brown and red flower base with beautiful gradation is an easy-to-use design that complements the flowers.


▼ "Happy Birthday" Regular Pink

The gift box is designed graphically with the image of cherry blossoms and maple leaves. Flower base is the most popular jelly peach.A happy color set perfect for birthday presentations.


  ▼ "Happy Birthday" Mini Blue

A postcard with a dog handing over a happy birthday and a flower, and a gift box with a butterfly drawn on it are a set with a warm and gentle atmosphere. The flower base is a red and white congratulations color.


▼ "For you" regular gray

 A multipurpose bouquet postcard with the message "For you" and a new flower-based set released in 2020. Yellow daffodil flowers are drawn on the gift box.


▼ "For you" regular blue

Flower base is a popular product named "Bedro", the Portuguese word for glass. Decorating the green and blue flower base will keep your room cool and perfect for early summer.

Please see the product details page for which wrapping will be used.