What was the best-selling flower base in 2021? Here are the 10 most popular ones.

20 21 The year is just around the corner. So this time, which flower-based design was chosen by everyone in the year 2021, is the most popular 10 Introducing. If you have a lot of designs and are wondering which one to use, please refer to it.

10th  Flower-based grid with a soft handwritten texture (815F-GR)


9th  Flower-based beadro pink & red (819F-PR) with the image of glass


No. 8  Flower base with beautiful gradation Mini Red & Brown (713F-RBS)


7th  Flower base blue & red (805F-B / R) that looks like a facet 


6th place  9th place beadro in different colors, Flower base beadro blue & green ( 819F-BG)


5th  Flower-based lace stripe (806F-LS) with the image of Venetian glass


4th place  Flower base mini yellow & blue (713F-YBS) that has been popular since its release in 2013


3rd  Congratulations on red and white, flower base mini dot red & white (714F-RW / S)


2nd  Flower-based Jelly Grape (807F-JG) from the popular Jerry series, whose color is as beautiful as dissolved in water.


1st place  And the most popular in 2021 was Flower Base Jelly Peach (807F-JP)!

Did you have your favorite design?

Flower base mini red & yellow with beautiful red for the Christmas season ( 715F-RYS ) And a stylish but warm flower base 2TONE PR Etc. are also recommended.If you combine the red flower base with the green plants, you can enjoy the Christmas mood even more.

And today 2015 Flower-based mini green & blue (which has been the undisputed number one since its release in the year) 715F-GBS ) Will be back in stock! please D-BROS of online store Please take a look at.

I am looking forward to seeing what kind of line king will be next year with the addition of popular designs.

 ▼ Restocked today!


D-BROS In addition to the official online shop, here are the main shops where you can buy flower bases.

Rakuten D-BROSshop(Official site)

Amazon D-BROS shop(Official site)



OUR FAVORITE SHOP (Tokyo / Shirokane)


・ Itoya Ginza Main Store (Tokyo / Ginza)

・ Cafe & Books Bibliotheque Jiyugaoka (Tokyo / Jiyugaoka)

・ Saitama Prefectural Museum of Modern Art Museum Shop (Saitama)

・ Sendai Kaneiri Museum Shop 6 (Miyagi / Sendai)

・ Vangi Sculpture Garden Museum Museum Shop (Shizuoka / Mishima)


・ Karuizawa New Art Museum Shop (Nagano / Karuizawa)

ART SHOP MY BOOK  Inside the Aichi Arts Center (Aichi / Nagoya)

・ Toyota Municipal Museum of Art Museum Shop (Aichi / Toyota)

・ Kanazawa 21 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art Museum Shop (Ishikawa / Kanazawa)

・ Cafe & Books Bibliotheque Kumamoto (Kumamoto)


* Inventory status varies depending on the store, so please check the inventory before you go.


Please enjoy living with flowers on a flower basis.