Gifts for Father's Day

20 21 Father's day of the year 6 moon 20 Day. With everyday gratitude to my dad D-BROS Here are some recommended gift items.


KAMON fan  Each ¥ 5,500 (tax included)

  A family crest that can be said to be the origin of Japanese graphics.Traditional Japanese culture and beautiful motifs with a prayer of hope are skillfully designed using circles and lines. D-BROS Then, I visually grasped the family crest as a graphic design, and handwritten each one and dropped it into an item. Among them, the folding fan is designed to make the family crest design look more beautiful by rethinking from the skeleton.The pine and crane motifs also have the meaning of "longevity" and are recommended as gifts for Father's Day.


Fruit Tea  Each ¥ 1,650 (tax included)

  A fruit tea created in collaboration with "Marumatsu Teahouse" in Kikugawa, Shizuoka. The fragrant tea, which is a blend of dried fruits and herbs, is non-caffeine and is recommended for relaxing time before going to bed. In the coming season, make it thicker and add ice to make iced tea.The husks of tea leaves can be enjoyed as sweets by placing them on yogurt or ice cream and sprinkling them with honey. It is an item that can give a relaxing time to fathers who want to refrain from drinking and families who have a long time at home.



lastly D-BROS Why don't you send a card with abundant designs with a message?

Thank you card  Each ¥ 275 (tax included)



And wrapping with a rose motif that is perfect for Father's Day is also available. The rose design is stamped on each sticker.It is a wrapping that has a texture of ink faintness and bleeding that cannot be printed.

Gift wrapping (rose stamp)


This wrapping is Free campaign until June 20th!

Please use this opportunity.