What is the flower base of D-BROS? We will introduce you from how to use it to how to care for it.

A flower base that transforms into a beautiful vase when water is added. In the state of petanko, I am often asked "Is this really a vase?", So this time again D-BROS Introducing the flower base of.


Repeatable vinyl vase

It's very simple to use. Simply open the mouth of Petanko's flower base and pour water into it to transform it into a solid and beautiful vase. People often ask, "Is this disposable?", But no, that's not the case! You can wash and dry it and use it over and over again.


  It will be stable if you add plenty of water.

I often hear people worry that they won't fall because they just put water in a vinyl vase. The flower base is stable under the weight of water, so if you add water for 7 to 8 minutes, it will be stable under the weight of water and will not fall down even if it is a little soft.

▼ The green flower base on the right with plenty of water is more stable.

When moving, hold both ends of the flower base and carry it.


If you put it on a shelf and fall down ...? Certainly, the floor may get dirty with water and flowers. But since the flower base is made of vinyl, you don't have to worry about spattering debris and getting injured. Even at home with children and pets, you can easily enjoy arranging flowers in a vase.


Estimated number of flowers

For regular size in the shape of a single wheel, one wheel ~ 3 It is beautiful if you can decorate the flowers with a ring as a guide.

The short length flower base can also be used for mini bouquets.If the flowers you used to decorate with a single flower are a little tired, you can cut the stems into short pieces and decorate them in short lengths.


  Care after use

After using it, you can clean it by pouring it in tap water and washing it. If the bottom is dirty, such as moss, add a little bleach and leave it on for a while to clean it. The short length can be reached to the bottom, so you can wash it without any problems.

And after it's dried, you can make it petanco and save space. It is also a fun time to choose a flower base according to the color of the flowers and the season.

  There are two designs in one bag so that you can enjoy the flower base according to the flowers and interior of the actual product. Please enjoy your life with a flower base at home.


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text : Jina Lee