For people who don't like sweets. Add a chocolate card and you'll feel like Valentine's Day!

The D-BROS chocolate card is recommended for those who are worried about Valentine's Day, who are gradually approaching, saying, "I'm not good at sweets, so I'll give it to you ...".
The empty-pressed paper surface is a greeting card that looks like a real chocolate bar, and is a perfect item to enjoy the feeling of Valentine's Day.
There are two types of cards, bitter chocolate and white chocolate.
(Chocolate card ¥ 792-)

"Bise" stamped on a chocolate card means "kiss" in French.
A kiss is not a kiss to the mouth, but a greeting that makes a "chu" sound when you meet a close person by sticking your cheeks together.
How about giving a card to a close person with a feeling of dearness with Bise written on one piece of chocolate card?

The silver paper that wraps the chocolate is for food, which is also used for real chocolate, and the silver paper is torn off realistically as if it had just been opened.You can read the message by taking out the silver paper, taking out the chocolate, and opening it. It is also difficult for one piece of chocolate to come off in order to bring out more reality.

If you have a little more budget, why not buy something other than chocolate and give it as a gift with a chocolate card?
If you want to select from D-BROS products, we recommend fruit tea. It has a sweet scent because it contains a lot of dried fruits, but the taste is not sweet and it is a non-caffeine tea that can be drunk with meals. You can spend a relaxing time with a gorgeous scent.
(Fruit tea photo is orange ¥ 1,620)

Have a nice Valentine with a chocolate card.