"BOYS & GIRLS &" stamping

  2022 Yearly version of Yoshie Watanabe's calendar " BOYS & GIRLS & ". The large forehead design, which occupies more than half the area of the calendar, is very luxuriously stamped. I have been witnessing the stamping of this calendar.

7 At the end of the month, I visited Cosmo Tech, a hot stamping printing factory in Itabashi Ward. Over 3 days, " BOYS & GIRLS & It is said that all pages of "" will be stamped. Can you imagine how it would be stamped? 

First of all, the "version" made for this calendar.The plate when processing is 1 4 0 It gets hot every time, and the heat and pressure cause the foil to be thermocompression bonded to the paper. "Be careful because it's really hot," said Mr. Maeda in charge.

Set this plate on the actual foil stamping machine, and repeat the trial stamping while carefully checking how the paper and foil are attached.If the pushing force is too strong, it may penetrate the paper.It took about an hour and a half to make this delicate adjustment, which can be said to be craftsmanship.

And the production.

 I was wondering if I could move the machine all at once and finish it in an instant, but it was a manual process one by one.The foil is pressed very carefully while checking whether the quality is maintained one by one.It's a daunting task.

As you can see from the machine, only the forehead part is stamped on the paper, so the gold leaf in the middle seems to be a waste, but I will dispose of it without using it.

 ▼ A pile of calendars waiting for stamping

This time, on the calendar 1 moon, 3moon,4moon,6moon,8moon,9moon,10moon, 12 Gold foil is used for the moon, and red, light blue, and green pigment foils are used for the other moons.Pigment foil is a color foil like paint, and it seems to have a different nuance from silk screen printing.

After 3 days of stamping, the calendar mount will be moved to another printing shop and the process of putting a picture in the forehead will be started. After that, each book will be signed and set as a product.

  Scheduled to be delivered to customers 9 A little more until the middle of the month.It is carefully and carefully made.  


Text : Jina Lee