The August season goes from hot weather to liqiu and chushu.

  today 8 moon 1 3 Day.In terms of 24 solar terms, "Liqiu" ( 8/7~8/22 )is.As the name suggests, Liqiu is the beginning of autumn.

 ▼ This year's (2021) solar term calendar

There is such a description in the fall of the 24th solar term calendar next year.

・ "New ginger" The root ginger that you see all year round is the one that is harvested as new ginger and dried.The new ginger, which has a low spiciness and a high aroma, is soft as it is.

・ "Hozuki" After the cream-colored flowers bloom in early summer, the calyx becomes a bag and wraps the fruit. From its plump red color, it can be used as a bon lantern to decorate it as a bon flower.

  Decorating flowers and eating seasonal foods according to the season is a good time to relax in your heart.

  again, 8moon 23 From day to day, the season goes into "Chushu".The "dokoro" of chushu means to stop, and it means the season when the heat subsides, even though the hot days continue, but the pass is exceeded. 9moon1 The day is "210 days".It is the 210th day counting from the beginning of spring, and it has been a time when many typhoons have occurred since ancient times. Heavy rains are expected all over the country this weekend. "210 days" is a day that reminds us that we are living with nature both now and in the past.

2022 The yearly version of the "Solar Term Calendar" contains a lot of information, so it is recommended to display it near your desk, in the refrigerator, in the kitchen, or in a place that catches your eye.

Please try to incorporate 24 solar terms into your life.


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text: Jina Lee