Instead of a year that passes in a blink of an eye, a year to enjoy the calendar with the "24-year-old calendar".

Twenty-four solar terms is a general term for a calendar in which ancient people observe the movement of the sun and divide the year into twenty-four seasons.

By knowing the twenty-four solar terms that organize the changes in the climate received from the sun, such as temperature, humidity, and sunshine hours, you can feel the rich four seasons of Japan in a more detailed and delicate manner.


It is a calendar that is being improved every year to find out how to design this calendar so that you can feel the 24 solar terms. The 2021 edition is colored every 24 sections and is posted on one page for 2 months so that you can get a bird's-eye view of the changing seasons.

We asked Ms. Asako Koyama, who designed this calendar, about her thoughts on the production in a questionnaire.





--What was the theme of this calendar?

What kind of design did you focus on?


This is the second time I have been in charge of the 24 solar terms calendar, but like the last time, I aimed for a calendar where I can feel the 24 solar terms.

Last time, I made a calendar with one solar term, 25 in total (because it starts from the winter sword and ends at the winter sword), so that you can fully enjoy one solar term.


This time, considering the ease of use as a calendar, we made it simple so that you can see it for two months at a time, but by adding colors that imagine each solar term, you can feel the sense of the season!



--- 2020 was a year of angry waves, but did you have any consciousness when creating the 2021 calendar?


Because I often stay in the house, I want to have a color that allows me to feel the seasons even in the room.

By knowing the energy saving, I myself started to buy flowers that were more seasonal than before, and my daily life became a little more enjoyable.




--What kind of year do you want to have in 2021?


Go to various places! Because it is a difficult time, I want to enjoy spending time at home.



--Thank you!


Today, December 11th is "Taisetsu" in the 24th solar term.Winter fish such as yellowtail are delicious, and bears are about to hibernate.


Knowing the 24 solar terms will give you new insights into your daily life and help you prepare for the next season.Now that you are less likely to go out, why not try choosing seasonal ingredients and decorating your room with seasonal flowers to experience the small changes of the seasons in Japan at home?


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