A calendar as an interior that will change the impression of your room.

What should I do next year's calendar? It may be early in the season when you think about it, but this time, World Travel Calendar I would like to introduce what kind of impression it will have if you actually decorate your house. Please try to expand the image to see if it matches the interior of your house.


In the living room.


On the white pillars of the dining room. 

Do you have an image of a wall-mounted calendar that is a supporting role, or something that you can put on a place that is not very noticeable for practical use? However, this calendar can be decorated as the leading interior.

And even though it's the same calendar, the impression of the room changes so much just because it's a different month. In one year 12 You can enjoy such fun again and again! 

It is also recommended for people who want to decorate their living room or room with a picture, but are wondering what to buy. If you find a month you like after using it for a year, cut out the part you like and put it in the frame. 2022 You can enjoy it even after the year is over.

▼ July calendar cut out and framed


Please use it as a reference when choosing a calendar for next year.

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text:Jina Lee