Why is there no day of the week on the World Travel Calendar?

World Travel CalendarIs this year3It is a popular calendar for the year.Especially in this era when it is difficult to travel abroad due to the Korona-ka, I am happy to feel the atmosphere of overseas when I decorate my room.

If you look closely, there is no description of the day of the week on this calendar. I think it's a little difficult to use, but there is a good reason for this.

D-BROSThe calendar is "Monday"Monday"or"MIn most cases, it is written as ". However, since I draw different countries every month, the designer says that if I write the day of the week, I would like to write it on the day of the week.

 Then, for example2022Yearly version1The moon is Switzerland. Switzerland is a country with four official languages: German, French, Italian and Romansh. How about choosing one of them ... Also, for example2The moon is Luxembourg. If you write from Monday to Sunday in Luxembourgish, "Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday". This is even more confusing. As a result of repeated examinations2020The day of the week is omitted from the first year of the year.

And thisWorld Travel CalendarIs the beginning of MondayD-BROSIt is a feature different from other calendars.In Japan, a week often starts on Sunday, but it's not a mistake to start on Monday.ISO((International Organization for Standardization) says that one week starts on Monday. Apart from that, the idea of this calendar is that two days off on Saturdays and Sundays are well established worldwide (of course, those who do not). (Although there are many) I think it's easier to plan a trip if the weekends and Sundays are set.

 At the end2022Yearly version12Introducing the country.

1Month Switzerland

2Month Luxembourg

3Month Netherlands

4Month Belgium

5Mon Poland

6Month Romania

7Month Italy

8Month Madagascar

9Month Turkey

10Month Morocco

11Month Hungary

12Month Czech

 Every country draws textile-like patterns that are unique to that country, along with fun illustrations.2022It is a feature of the year edition. And the size is a little smaller to make the feeling of decorating the room more distinctive.It is also recommended to give it as a gift as if you were giving a picture.

 It will take a little longer to enjoy traveling abroad, butD-BROSof"World Travel CalendarI hope it will be a fun year.


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text:Jina Lee