I love stickers, I love drawing. Children who are crazy about it are cute!

2021 It was released from the year D-BROS "Children's calendar".Immediately after it was released, it was very well received by moms and sold out in a blink of an eye in the first year. I think there were many mothers who wanted to buy it for their children but couldn't.I was happy that it was sold out, and it was painful that I couldn't buy it even though I wanted to. 2022 We have greatly increased the number of copies of the annual edition and are preparing for it to be picked up by many people!

Today, I would like to introduce what happens if children actually use the calendar.

Stick as many stickers as you have!

3 When I handed the sticker to my old child, as expected ... he cheered and was pleased! The first thing I chose was a ghost! Everyone loves it. After that, just stick it, stick it, stick it. I pasted as much as I had. Only that month can be gorgeous, 3 It may be better to give one to each child around the age of lol.


Anyway, decorate!

4 The old child was good at writing his name, surrounding the dates, and enjoying himself as he wished.Put a long sticker on the side of the calendar to decorate it. I'm very good at it.

September feels like a circle!

All days He wrote ○. And the finish is a seal.After all, children's sensibilities are interesting.How would my child use this calendar? 4 Five years old is just around the corner, and it's the age at which you can read hiragana, so it's the perfect age for a "children's calendar."


As you get older and go to elementary school, you will be able to keep track of your schedule, so decorate your room as a calendar just like an adult. The calendar is simple but has beautiful colors, so it can be a cute accent in your room.


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text: Jina Lee