A children's calendar where you can learn how to read the dates!

When you think about it, when did you remember how to read in the calendar such as "Tsutachi", "Futsuka", and "Mikka"? I think that one day my child will naturally remember it, but I want to make it remember as soon as possible.Last year, the 20 22 version of the very popular "Children's Calendar" will be released!

Since the reading is written on the numbers on the calendar in an easy-to-understand manner, children who can read hiragana will be able to read the calendar by themselves.

1 From the day 10 Until the day (Tooka), the rest 14 Sun, 20 Sun (Hatsuka), 24 Sun (Nijuyoka), this 13 How to read the days is unique to the calendar.

"Today is good, so it's a piano lesson."

"Tomorrow is someday, so it's a kindergarten fold."

Please speak while pointing at the calendar.

Over time, you will be able to recognize numbers and readings as a set.

  There is also a sticker that children love, so you can mark your important days such as lessons, excursions, your birthday, mom and dad's birthday, grasp your schedule, and grow your independence. Prompt.

It is also recommended to decorate the "Children's Hiragana Hyo", which was derived from the "Children's Calendar". Why don't you enjoy learning how to read hiragana and calendar together?


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text:Jina Lee