Feeling the seasons is rich

20 1 8 The 24 solar term calendar that I started making from the year 2022 In the year version 5 We are celebrating our year. This calendar has D-BROS The idea of Satoru Miyata, the creative director of Satoru Miyata, is packed.

  Miyata: It's really interesting to get along with the seasons and myself. At that time, I have something to prepare and I'll put it out a little.for example, 1 moon 7 Eat Nanakusa-gayu every day, or take a yuzu bath at the end of winter. It would be fun to be able to do that as a matter of course. If you think that this calendar is the basis for that, wouldn't it make the design fun? "

These are the words for Asako Koyama, who designed this calendar.Mr. Koyama 2022In the year version 3 I have been designing the "Solar Term Calendar" for the year in a row. 2021 The yearly edition is designed to simply feel the flow of the season of 24 solar terms. 2022 It was from these design conferences that I started to put in a little more information when I started designing the year edition.

▼ 2021 version of "Solar Term Calendar" Designed for simplicity

Miyata: "People today don't even know the names of the trees, and they don't even know when the birds will fly and when they will return.I don't care about the season. The times have passed without knowing anything like that, and I don't realize that there must have been a different bird there ...Actually, I think that expression is born by living while confirming such things. But there are many lively and exciting things in the world.

Like the wind god and the thunder god, the old people would have compared that it was the god who caused thunder and storms.I think it's okay to think of Japan that something is happening in nature, not just a storm.It's very nice that the seasons change in the same way, so let's make it feel. "


▼ The 2022 version of the evolved "Solar Term Calendar" (a lot of seasonal information is interwoven. All illustrations and characters are hand-drawn by designer Koyama)

just like this 2022 The direction of the year's "24 solar terms calendar" has been decided.In order to make you feel the richness of Japan's nature, we have been studying the design many times so that you can enjoy the changing seasons and seasonal events. Why don't you try to incorporate "seasons" into your life and make your life richer?


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text:Jina Lee