Gloss, matte, and grainy.Calendar "⑳㉑ (Marunijuuichi)" with different "textures"

designer: Ryosuke Uehara ( KIGI Co., Ltd.

A calendar that expresses depth by layering various layers on a calendar that is originally only a flat surface ⑳ ㉑ (Maruniju Marunijuuichi) 」。This time, I would like to introduce this calendar.




First of all, from the arrangement of the day balls on this calendar.

"⑳㉑" is 1 On the page 2 It is spelled in months, and the circled numbers are used for the day balls.


Circled numbers are letters that are usually used to organize things, such as when itemizing a document.

A calendar with round numbers and numbers that are lined up exactly, with the purpose of functionality not found in designed letters.

If you combine these two, it should be a good match, and this graphic was born from such an inspiration of the designer.



And the most attractive, colorful paper that can be seen from the cut out space. This calendar has a cut line, and you can cut the paper along it to complete the design.


The number of the month that appeared from the paper below by cutting is designed to appear in the position where it is aligned so that it fits in the grid with the day ball of the calendar that overlaps on top, so it is a lump of one month naturally. Can be recognized as.


Paper is Tanto 3 Using colors, bleached crafts, and silver bamboo, layers of paper with different textures and colors are layered on a flat calendar. The contrast created by overlapping different papers is a comfortable combination.



One of the pleasures is that the impression changes once every two months.Beyond the role of a calendar for checking dates and days of the week, it is a calendar that you will want to decorate as an interior.

To decorate the calendar, attach it to the attached ribbon with a thumbtack, thread a string, hook it on a hook, and so on. You can decorate it with your favorite fastening method.



The "⑳㉑" calendar, which is packed with the particulars of a graphic designer, is Here You can purchase from.