"Cup & Saucer" 12 years after its evolving release


Have you actually seen D-BROS's "Mirror Cup & Saucer"?
It is a product with a mechanism that the beautiful graphic of the saucer is transferred to the mirror cup that has been mirror-processed.

People who actually picked up the product have expressed their admiration, "I have never seen such a product," and "This is a perfect gift!"
The appearance changes depending on the position and viewing angle of the cup and saucer, so some people repeatedly place and lift the cup to see the graphic reflected in the cup over and over again.

This popular D-BROS product has been loved by many customers since its launch in 2003 and has become a long-selling product.
Also, in recent years, overseas media have come up with new ideas and surprising gimmicks. (English version Gizmodo) However, it was taken up and received a very high evaluation.

It has been 12 years since its release. The number of design series has increased, and up to now, all 18 types of designs in 3 series have been born.
And now we are planning to develop a new series.We haven't been able to tell you the details yet, but please look forward to the ever-evolving mirror cups and saucers.

"Rivulets of the hearts water ripples"
A series designed with ripples spreading on the surface of the water


A series designed for a lady who dances


"From dawn till dusk from dawn to dusk"
A series of fantastic colors designed for dawn, midnight, and dusk



text: Eriko Fujitani