For Mother's Day gifts. D-BROS Mother's Day gift.

5 moon 8 The day is Mother's Day. D-BROS We will introduce the perfect items for Mother's Day gifts.


Flower base ¥1,100


A vinyl flower base that allows you to easily decorate flowers and save space.The red and pink flower bases go well with carnations and are designed to fit in your room. It is more recommended to give it with flowers because it gives you an image of actually decorating it.


Original handkerchief ¥1,650



New work this spring D-BROS Original handkerchief.The thin handkerchief is not bulky in your pocket or bag, and is an item that will be useful in the coming sweaty season. Colorful and vivid " Pieces of paper ", And the gentle atmosphere is cute. Bouquet "" Makes you feel cheerful in casual everyday life.


Mother's day gift set ¥3,300


Popular flower bases, new handkerchiefs, and message cards BOX It is a gift set that comes in. The message card says " Thank you It is written as "Ideal for a gift with daily gratitude." this" Thank you The letters "" are stamped one by one, so there is a warmth different from printing. This set is a limited sale until Mother's Day.


brooch ¥2,200 ¥3,300


A paper inlaid brooch with an antique design that creates a special world view.Inlaying is a technique of inlaying one material with another to create a pattern.In the old days, it was used instead of stamping, but it has become a rare item that is rarely seen in modern Japan. The carefully applied paper inlays are delicate and beautiful.


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