Creators Diary Part 2: Ingenuity to make time

The creator's diary is a format that makes it easy to see short-term and long-term schedules, with the vertical on the top and the Gantt chart on the bottom.

In the above, the basics of the creator's diary, which combines the "vertical axis" (vertical) that manages daily time and the "horizontal axis" (gun chart) that designs project plans in order to create one's own time. I introduced the key points of how to use and schedule design.

>> Creators Diary Part 1: The important thing is the "horizontal axis (Gantt chart)".

Next, I would like to introduce specifically what kind of schedule management can be devised in the creator's diary.Please refer to it according to your lifestyle.


CASE1: A notebook for adjusting the balance of work

Female director in her 30s, K.M.

After childcare leave, I work shorter hours, which helps me to design long-term schedules for multiple projects.
The "horizontal axis" designs the progress of MTG and presentations so that the difficult times do not overlap, and the "vertical axis" manages tasks so that work can be completed by the time of leaving the office.

・ On the horizontal axis, we plan a big idea for proceeding with the project.I will write out the detailed To Do separately.
・ Take a bird's-eye view of the entire schedule and adjust the work balance so that the projects do not overlap.
・ Enter different colors for each project so that you can easily understand multiple projects.
・ Assign tasks to the vertical axis so that you can finish the work in a limited time.


CASE2: A notebook to do many tasks efficiently

Male designer in his 20s R.Y.

I want to do a lot of work and gain experience, so it helps me to have time to do design work.
Design the progress of the project with the "horizontal axis" and decide how to use the day in detail with the "vertical axis". I'm always wondering what I should do "now", imagining the path to the goal of the project.

・ Manage the progress of each project on the horizontal axis.Understand the flow.
・ Along the horizontal axis, manage the To Do of the day in detail with the vertical axis.
・ Enter the time required for each work with a line and visually grasp the whole.
・ Clarify the timing of confirmation with your boss and recognize the time to concentrate.
・ Provide a preliminary period in advance to allow room for the schedule.


CASE3: A notebook for improving your skills

Women in their 30s public relations E.W.

I use it to make time for my learning and hobbies. In the "vertical axis", work and private are color-coded to visually grasp the schedule and make it easier to find free time. The "horizontal axis" is very useful for organizing your mind by writing down what you need to do by calculating back from the goal you want to do for each task.

・ Understand the time available for yourself on the vertical axis, and plan your hobbies and learning.
-Manage work tasks by dropping the vertical axis schedule to the horizontal axis.
・ Color-coded work into blue and private into red to make it easier to recognize at a glance.
・ For motivation, private decorations will be lively with stickers and stamps.

What did you think. The usage ideas introduced here are just examples, but please use them as a reference for how to use the horizontal and vertical axes to find the one that suits you best.

Actually, the other day, I had the opportunity to talk to the users who actually use the Creator's Diary, but the usage is really different depending on the person who uses the notebook. I am very happy to have you spend time with the creators diary in a very fulfilling day.

An interview is open to the public on D-BROS MAGAZINE, so be sure to check it out as well!

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text: Eriko Fujitani